Thursday, November 1, 2007

Issues with setting up an MSCS cluster?


I recently completed the installation of a 2-node file cluster for a client who was using an HP EVA8000 disk system and had great difficulty in getting the quorum resource to be located.

For those of you who encounter similar issues, I found this KB article to be quite helpful:

The customer had built the two nodes up and formatted the volumes on both servers which was some what of a pain to get resolved. The end result to fix it was to shut down node 2 and create the cluster on node 1 using the "minimum" setting as described in the above article. I later created a Physical Disk resource and modified the properties of the cluster to use the shared quorum insead of the local one, then removed the local quorum and brought the cluster group online.

Note: I also had to re-format the volume(s) on node 1 before starting the cluster configuration.

I had to shut down node 1 then brought node 2 online and performed a "refresh" of the disk so it would "see" it. I then turned on node 1 and added node 2 to the cluster.

Hope this helps!

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