Thursday, April 10, 2008

Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) -clients disconnect from server


Yesterday I spent an agonizing 4 hours on the phone with Symantec. I followed up with another 2 hours today with a resolution to my issue.

The issue was that SEP clients would receive updates from the server at first install but then disconnect a few seconds later. No LiveUpdtes or "Policy" updates would be delivered to the clients and every attempt to make them connect failed.

One of the symptoms was when you open the SEP client and click troubleshooting, it would show the server as "offline". Another was when you view the system log it would display a message saying "disconnected from server".

To resolve this, the Symantec support technican suggested a re-install of SEP 11. I had originally installed the first release then updated to MR1 with no luck but he suggested I set the database password to only 2 characters.

PRESTO!!! It worked.....

For clients already deployed I had to run the command: "smc -stop" then copy in a new SyLink.xml file overwriting the original. Then a "smc -start command to get things rolling again...

MR2 is due for release any day now and I hope they have this as a fix. Having a 2 character database password is an obvious concern.

Anyway, hope this helps some of you out there!



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