Friday, July 11, 2008

Building your own OCS lab with a SIP trunk :)

I've been working late nights and weekends getting a proof of concept lab environment up and running with OCS.

My lab setup is as follows:

1 DID from
1 VM running
1 VM running OCS Mediation Server
1 VM running OCS Enterprise /w collocated Archiving server
1 VM running SQL Server 2005 Standard
1 VM running Exchange 2007 with all roles including UM

My goals were as follows:
  • Call out using the OCS client to a local or long distance number through the software PBX and out through inphonex.
  • Be able to call into my DID and have the Exchange 2007 auto attendent answer and transfer the call to my OCS client.
  • Call my Exchange mailbox from a land line through the inphonex/pbxnsip/ocs infrastructure.
  • Perform dual ring, call forward, and conference calls using the OCS client as the softphone.

So far I've accomplished all my goals with this software. Everything runs great on the few VM's and I'm very happy with pbxnsip so far!

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