Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Wild goose chase with Windows 2008

So I'm trying to add a Windows 2008 DC which has been a domain member for a few months and I keep getting the error:

Missing DNS SRV record "_ldap._tcp.dc.domainname"

I searched for it in DNS and even ran an NSLOOKUP....which lead me to my discovery....

My NSLOOKUP was defaulting to a server called "::1". After changing it in the command line I noticed I was able to find the SRV record. As it turns out IPv6 is enabled and set to "automatically obtain address". This causes the primary client DNS to be "::1" if you don't have IPv6 set up in your network.

By unchecking IPv6 in the network properties the IPv4 DNS IP's took affect and POW!!! It worked.

I chased this one down and ran in circles for a while before figuring it out. :S

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