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Well its about time I wrote about my experiences with as a software based PBX and as an online SIP provider.

First off, I can't say enough about the support from pbxnsip so far! I was new to the VoIP world when I started investigating options for my lab environment where I wanted to build out something more than an IM and web conferencing solution. After working through many of the issues with my OCS Edge servers, I finally had an environment I could prove out all my scenarios and began looking for a software PBX.

Going back some time though, I had started with the "3CX" free PBX software as it seemed to have some ability to talk to things like Exchange 2007 Unified Messaging (even though you needed to buy a license to get it to work). My trouble soon began when I tried making outbound calls and realized 3CX couldn't handle e.164 phone numbers prefixed with a plus sign "+". I posted my concerns along with others on the forum and wasn't able to get much assistance other than a few pointed questions as to why we would want to implement OCS and digs on how Microsoft's SIP implementation is non-standard, etc. etc.

Somewhere along the way I found a post about pbxnsip and their work with Microsoft Office Communications Server. I quickly checked the compatibility guide for IP-PBX's and noticed they were already listed on the Exchange 2007 UM site:

So this was good news!

Even though they're not on the tekVizion list of certified PBX's for OCS --yet, this was a viable option. Thanks as well to their wiki page on the subject:

So this is what I needed to get all the software bits in place, now it was time to find a SIP trunk provider. I asked around and did some digging online and found which I think is based in Miami, FL, USA. They were able to provide me a DID based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and their rates were decent. So far I've been happy with their service even though the odd time I call my DID I get a busy signal....but not to bad for a lab environment.

For those of you who are looking for an alternative to, check out as they seem to have slightly better prices and have a more "trusting" web presence.


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  1. hi jason... i am trying to test InPhonex and PBXnSIP having trouble getting them to speak with each other. Any tips ?