Sunday, April 26, 2009

AudioCodes gateways and TDM to TDM routing...

I came across an interesting issue with a gateway (Mediant 1000) I was setting up for a client today. If you follow the quick installation guide for OCS you probably won't have this issue but if you've bypassed the guide and have forgotten to set up your SIP Proxy IP then read on.

The gateway we were setting up was going inline of the PBX and PRI. The previous configuration was:


The new configuration is:


If you don't set the SIP Proxy IP address then everything will work fine except TDM to TDM routing for outbound calls. It took 6 hours to figure this out and it didn't make sense but the call flow for Nortel to PSTN resulted in the call being sent to OCS always. Calls from OCS to PSTN worked fine. Also, more maddening was that PSTN to Nortel worked fine.

So, remember......the quick installation guides are still a good reference for you and can save you a LOT of time and frustration for those key settings you may forget to change.

I'm tired....

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