Saturday, May 16, 2009

Microsoft Unified Communications Reference Guide: Part 0


I'm creating this guide since my colleagues and I often ask the same questions over and over again when implementing Microsoft UC solutions such as:

What databases are used by OCS and how big are they?
What type of certificate do you need for Unified Messaging and what subject name/subject alternative names should it have?

This guide will cover all aspects of implementing both Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2 and Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 with Unified Messaging.

One of the most interesting topics of late is the need for E.164 formatted phone numbers. This means more than simply having a "+" sign in front of the digits. The use of this format, or more interestingly the use of a plus sign, has been debated by many in the industry along with Microsoft's internal product group. This guide will cover my theory behind using E.164 numbers, DID's and non-DID's.

Please feel free to email me or post your questions/comments/etc.



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