Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Communications Server 14 Voodoo (Aastra phones)

I come across these interesting tidbits which I like to share with the 800 or so visitors I get weekly.

Aastra sent me a pair of IP phones to help with a customer demo and I've had a few issues setting them up. I suppose it helps if you read the #$@#$ manual but working with beta software/hardware doesn't always yield the same easy to read, or readily available docs.

Anyway, here are a few tidbits to help you along the way:

DHCPUtil.exe: This utility will help you configure your DHCP options for the Aries (Wave 14) IP phones. You need to configure several new DHCP options in order for the phone to work properly. You will find this utility in the \support folder of your W14 media. Using the following syntax, the utility will configure the options for you (highly recommended): DHCPUtil.exe -sipserver -webserver -RunConfigScript

NOTE: You need to run the above utility on your Windows DHCP server. If it's not an x64 OS, you need to install the "vcredist_x86" from the W14 media.

How to do a hard reset: Hold down the "#" + "4" + backspace keys and plug in the phone. Keep them held down until you see a screen asking if you want to reset the phone.

How to test the phone's bootstrap process: On your Communications Server front-end server, open PowerShell and run: "Test-CsPhoneBootStrap -PhoneOrExt -PIN .



  1. Any idea why I would be getting a 'No response received for GetRootCertChains()' error when trying to run the test-csphonebootstrap command?

  2. I'm getting the same error :(

    Sadly when I'm looking for a solution I get my post here with your comment in it...

  3. I made it a bit further. When you get that error, try running the Lync Management Shell as an "Administrator" by right-clicking the icon to start it.

  4. I found the issue to be with incorrect dns / auto-configure settings.

  5. Well I figured out my problem. Don't try and use the RTM version of Lync with a dog food (DF) build of Exchange 2010 SP1. Upgrading to RTM SP1 solved it.

  6. For us the problem was that IPv6 was enabled on the Lync Front End server. So when you ran the test it was resolving the name to an IPv6 address that wasn't permitted in IIS, so we were getting a 404 error message. I disabled IPv6 using this link: and then restarted the server and the test-csphonebootstrap command was successful after thatn.