Saturday, January 15, 2011

HOW TO: Change default Lync Server 2010 meeting entry and exit announcements

Back in OCS 2007 R2 when you joined an audio conference as a PSTN participant the server would sound off with a "bong" when a person joined or left the meeting.

With Lync Server 2010 you don't get an audible notification of participants at all. As a meeting organizer you can configure entry/exit announcements using the Online Meeting Options page:

However, when you do this, the conference changes from using your assigned conference ID to a random ID each time you book a meeting. Additionally I've noticed the meeting plugin has a bug where the formatting is lost on a change of any kind using the meeting options. Hopefully this is changed soon.

Instead of messing about on the client side, you can modify the Global policy to turn on these announcements or create separate pool or site-based policies. You can configure these using the "Set-CsDialInConferencingConfiguration" command as follows:

"Set-CsDialInConferencingConfiguration -Identity Global -EntryExitAnnouncementsEnabledByDefault:$True"

You can also create different policies depending on each site, for example:

"New-CsDialInConferencingConfiguration -Identity Site:Edmonton -EnableNameRecording:$False"
"New-CsDialInConferencingConfiguration -Identity Site:Calgary -EntryExitAnnouncementsType ToneOnly"

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