Thursday, January 13, 2011

HOWTO: Grant a dial plan to a common area phone in Lync Server 2010

I suppose you have to read between the lines sometimes. I found this to be extremely frustrating.

To create a new Common Area Phone:

New-CsCommonAreaPhone -LineURI "tel:+17805551212;ext=5001" -RegistrarPool "" -DisplayName "Common Area Phone" -SipAddress "" -OU "OU=Common Phones,OU=Lync Objects,DC=contoso,DC=com"

I typically like to set the SIPURI in the command so it shows a human readable name instead of a long GUID.

Create a new Common Area Phone client and voice policy as follows:

New-CsClientPolicy HotDeskPhonesPolicy -EnableHotdesking $True -HotdeskingTimeout 00:30:00

New-CsVoicePolicy -id CAPvoicepolicy -AllowSimulRing $False -AllowCallForwarding $False -Name CAPVoicePolicy -EnableDelegation $False -EnableTeamCall $False -EnableCallTransfer $False

Create a special conferencing policy for the phone as follows:

New-CsConferencingPolicy -id CAPconferencingpolicy -AllowIPAudio $False -AllowIPVideo $False

Now, after you've been though all can't dial numbers which need to be normalized. Do fix this, perform this step below. Personally I'd create a special dial plan for these phones but you can reuse an existing one if you wish.

Get-CsCommonAreaPhone "Common Area Phone" | Grant-CsDialPlan -PolicyName "CAPDialPlan"

To validate the phone indeed has this policy:

Get-CsCommonAreaPhone "Common Area Phone" | Select DialPlan

There seems to be a step missing in the Microsoft documentation which leads a person to believe you're done when you set the policies to the object you've created. Also, when you view the common area phone object through the "Get-CsCommonAreaPhone | FL" command, it doesn't show anything about a dial plan like the "Get-CsUser | FL" does.


  1. Thanks for this post, bud! I was Googlin' for common area phone & dial plan configuration and ended up here. Good stuff - hope all's well! -Matt Sims

  2. Saved me! I couldn't figure out how to assign a dial plan to a common area phone.......