Wednesday, January 5, 2011

No audio, video, or desktop sharing in Lync Server with OCS 2007 R2 Edge

Recently I built up our own internal Lync 2010 Server and thought I had done all the necessary configuration changes to integrate the product with our OCS 2007 R2 platform.

After moving my account over to the Lync 2010 environment and performing a few tests I could quickly see there were a few features which didn't work. I did remember to set the Federation Route at the site level but missed a step at the server level.

If you're running into an issue with remote audio/video and desktop sharing, this might be the fix for you:

  1. Open Lync 2010 Topology Builder
  2. Expand the section containing your Lync 2010 server (standard or enterprise)
  3. Click on the server you want to modify and choose 'Edit Properties' from the right side of the console
  4. Scroll down to the associations section and make sure you have a checkbox in the 'Associate Edge pool (for media components)' section. 
If you don't have an option to choose anything for the Edge pool, you haven't specified the OCS 2007 R2 edge server when you merged your topology. If you haven't merged your topology at all, you're reading the wrong article. Go here:



  1. Hi,
    I'm not migrating. have a clean install of Lync 2010. Everything works fine, except audio? Also, link generated for new meeting in Outlook is almost always the same. Changes on a daily basis ?
    Any suggestions ?

  2. For the audio, are you having issues with remote users or audio on the LAN (peer to peer)?

    If so, and the person is for example a federated user, try connecting the Lync client on the outside of the network (from home or some other location where you know it's using the Edge server to sign in). Try an audio call and see if it works. If it does, then it's likely a configuration issue or firewall issue.

    To determine this, check my other post on the subject:

  3. Jason, Migrating from OCS 2007 (r1) to Lync..The old Edge appears duriing the federation step at the site level, but there is nothing to select when I try to associate it as an Edge Pool. I have confirmed that the merge topology ran correctly (did it twice) and that my edge was specified correctly (like I said, it is available when I do the site federation config). Any ideas?


    1. Have you performed an "Import-CsLegacyConfiguration"? Do you see the Edge server in the "BackCompat" site of the Lync topology?

      Revisit our guidance here:

    2. Jason, I'm having the exact same issue. I don't want to run import-cslegacyconfiguration because we do not want legacy policies and configs to move over (want to start fresh and clean)