Saturday, January 28, 2012

HOW TO: Copy Quintum Tenor Gateway Configuration

This post shows you how to copy the configuration from a Quintum Tenor analog voice gateway for the purpose of either backup or restoration. In my case I used this process in the deployment of several similarly configured gateways at a customer site instead of starting from scratch each time.

First a warning or three....NEVER copy a gateway configuration from a non-like device to another using this method. Be sure you copy the same configuration to the same type of device with the same port configuration every time.

Second, be sure you have updated the firmware of your target device to the same level of your source device.

Third, this method of copying a configuration from one device to another is officially not supported by NET. Use at your own risk!!

STEP 1: Logging into the device
The default login username for the Tenor gateways is "admin" with the password being the same. You can FTP to the device using Windows Explorer or via Command Prompt.

Using Windows Explorer is as easy as typing ftp:// and hitting enter followed by the username and password.

STEP 2: Copying the configuration from a source device 
Once you've gained access to the device, double-click the "cfg" folder and then double-click the "db" folder. You should see three files called "hw.txt", "db.txt", and "ipconfig.txt". Simply copy these files (if you're using Windows Explorer use CTRL-C) and paste them (CTRL-V) to a safe location you will remember.

The files are very small and can be stored just about anywhere. Be sure to place them in a directory with a name matching the make, model, and port density.

NOTE: If you want to modify the configuration of these files, please use the command-line or the Tencor Config Manager software. NEVER EVER modify these files while they're on the gateway (in flash memory).

STEP 3: Modify the configuration before deployment
Now you're ready to modify the configuration and prepare the files for deployment to your target device. The most obvious configuration change you will make will be the IP address of the device to prevent a duplicate IP on the network when you deploy the target device. This can be done by opening the "ipconfig.txt" file on your PC (again, never on the flash memory of the target or source device).

Make a copy of your backed up files to a new directory as these will be your working copies. Now, simply open the "ipconfig.txt" file using Notepad and modify the parameters necessary. As an example, please see the image below:

The two "set" commands will change the IP address and subnet mask while the "change" command highlighted above will change the default route (default gateway ip). To modify the DNS settings for the device you need to open the "db.txt" file and modify the following settings:

Once complete, save the file(s).

STEP 4: Copy the configuration to your target device
If you still have an open connection to your Tenor device, close it and open a new connection to your target device using the correct username and password. Since the new device may be new out of the box, you can use the Tenor Config Manager software to locate it or else use a console cable to determine the IP address.

As you can imagine, the process for copying is the same as you would any other file to a Windows folder. Copy/Paste the files into the /cfg/db location of the target device and overwrite the files.

Now you can safely reboot your target device and attempt to connect to it via FTP using the new address.

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