Thursday, January 8, 2015

RESOLVED Password write back issue (Event ID 6329 and 32009)

I recently set up a password write-back configuration for a customer giving them the ability to enable self-service resets of their Office 365 users. In testing the password change I could get all the way through the steps up to the point where the password needed to be modified then I would get an error in the web page and Event ID 6329 and 32009 would show up on the DirSync server.

In doing some research I found the MSOL_* account in AD used by DirSync w/password sync needs to have more rights than the default "Domain Users" group gives it. You can either delegate the password change capability or add the account to the "Domain Admins" group in AD. Immediately after doing this I was able to change the password.

Some additional information for reference:
  1. Excellent article on how to enable:
  2. Password write-back configuration steps:
  1. If you have the option in Azure AD Premium requiring users to register before being able to change their password, they must do so before they'll be recognized at the sign-in page (i.e. For example, if I click on the "Can't access your account" link I'll be taken to asking for my username and character verification. You will not get past this step if you or your user's haven't registered for the service.
  2. Additionally, you must grant your Office 365 admin account an Azure AD Premium license in order to enable password reset feature(s).
  3. Lastly, it is advised to enter a telephone number on the "General" tab of the on-prem AD user so that the password reset contact method has at least one verification option.